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The Oninao tale 🌷🌳🌟 with a preface by Ricardo Rey, President of the DUDA  (Declaration of the rights of the tree) followed by the author's exchanges with Ashok Bishnoi about the action current Bishnois 🕌👳‍♀️


The illustrations are by Kty Cat 🌷


made in France by the printer Cloitre ( 29).


Imprim'Vert logos - Recycled from recycled materials - The 3As and the Oninao logo

The Oninao the Bishnoi tale

SKU: 364215376135191
  • 43 pages with 8 illustrations of Kty Cat - 29 cmX21cm - recycled offset - Nautilus superwhite: FSC recycled 100%

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