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The Oninao tale already exists; it is a seed that I had watered for 7 years,the seed gave an apple tree*,

the apple tree can give you an apple to eat (if you are hungry for knowledge).

Now, other people contribute to making the story, a musical story. Then a movie :

For the musical part, it's a small dynamic team / C.Kriss and Hervé Douin.

 Mon espoir : Their beautiful music will go straight to your soul, make it shudder …

the consciousness of another possible will then awaken.. . .

Then we hope for the support of producers ; finance is welcome.

  As such, thanks to the kind participation of Daniel Robin, cameraman-editor, we will circulate a video featuring

forward the Oninao project (and we will cross our fingers).Oninao has an international vocation :


The two triptychs have already been translated into EnglishBy Elizabeth Lyman.

My hope : that all beings of different nationalities have access to reading the story and the film.

  Writing, music … and image. We are in a world of images. If we read, we listen,

we also see.


  For the image, it's KtyCat : she created the visual for the site and the blog.

 Mon espoir : find a similar talent for illustrations of the tale. Also a great talent

for the animations of the future film.

  Finally, in communication, we benefit from the dynamism and enthusiasm of the young Aymé de Vallès.

 And it's me : Abhilasha - Lara de Vallès who wrote the tale. edification

of the New World that I call with all my wishes.


N am A s T é


* The apple tree symbolizes the other world and the link that exists between the human animal and nature. Its fruit represents “  the revelation_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-5836”.

* My personal take on hope : To stop having hopes is like not believing in help, the contribution of others,

the incredible hand of chance that pulls you up.



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