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Already the tale ONINAO exists on amazon, in french, written by Abhilasha and in english.

Now other people have started working to make a musical tale.

Then a film.

In an international dimension.


For the musical part, it's a small dynamic team that started to work: C.Kriss (a singer in Paris)

and Herve Douin. Both of them are composers; they present a model in french.


Then we hope the support of producers; finances are welcome.


Oninao has an international vocation: So both triptychs have already been translated from french

into English by Elisabeth Lyman.


For the image, it's KtyCat: she created the visual of the site and the blog. That's it!


Well … now, we need to have the necessary financial support for the creation of a musical story

and a film in English (and in French) …

Surely, it's a question of good meetings!



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